Mental Game

You Positive?

It’s no secret that hitting a baseball is up there as one of the most difficult things you can do as a human being. The game makes us suck, especially as hitters. Shoot, we only get 60 ft to see a little white circle and try to hit it with a round bat somewhere no …

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Nerding Out

I’m a nerd. So a while back, Robb Paller, Lake Erie Crushers power hitter and Rogue Pro, and I were nerding out talking about why it is hard to get your body to move continuously, smoothly, and consistently while picking up a 90-100 mph baseball coming out of a pitcher’s hand 60’ 6” away. It’s …

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As we began our winter training at the facility in November, we implemented something that I have developed and talked about on occasion over the last few years, but hadn’t really put into practice routinely.  As our time with players is limited, it is of paramount importance that we get the most out of them, …

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