College Commitment Blog: Adam Wilmore

Welcome to Rogue Baseball’s college commitment blog, which we will put out periodically when our players have committed to play baseball at the collegiate level! The purposes of this blog are twofold. The first and most important purpose is to highlight athletes who have spent thousands of hours and many years training at Rogue Baseball Performance and/or playing for Colorado Rogue Baseball Club, and share this accomplishment and their journey. The second purpose, is for the next generation of aspiring college baseball players (and their families) to learn from each of these paths, and become better informed about the recruiting process and how truly different it is for each player. Players in this blog are not just headed to big Division 1 schools, but instead will end up in baseball programs at all levels of college baseball, programs which they feel will be the right fit for them and allow them to further their education and baseball careers.

We met Adam Wilmore as a shy 8th grade kid, who was working out with our friends at Push Performance, but liked to just hang around the cage and watch our training programs, for what seemed like years. It finally got to the point where we flat out asked him “are you gonna start training with us or you just going to keep standing here and watching?” This proved to be a fateful question, and we are happy to report that we have not gotten rid of him since. Over those 4 years, Adam transformed himself into one of the hardest working players we have ever had the privilege to work with, and his recent commitment to Doane University in Crete, Nebraska is one that was earned through consistent toiling, day in and day out over his high school career. Adam has played for us at Colorado Rogue Baseball Club for 6 seasons (3 summers and 3 falls), three of those on our lower level teams and three on our top team. His trust in the process and willingness to bide his time in our program over the years is a testament to his approach, and the understanding of how to play the long game in his baseball career.

In the offseason, Adam has been a part of our throwing program for three years, and has turned himself into a potential pitcher at Doane, being one of our most consistent strike throwers this fall with velocity that is creeping into the low 80’s. He has also been a staple in our high school hitting groups and has the potential to hit for power at the collegiate level, as he continues to fine tune his swing and approach at the plate. Defensively, Adam has good feel for first base, has very good footwork for his size and good hands. Adam continues to work his tail off in the weight room, as he works to get every bit out of his athleticism and can consistently be seen in the weight room at Push early in the mornings. We asked Adam to share a bit about his college recruiting process and what he has prioritized over the last few years to get to this point in his career.

Name: Adam Wilmore

College Commitment: Doane University (NAIA)

Positions: 1B/RHP

High School: Eaglecrest High School – Class of 2021

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 255 lbs.

Rogue: Congrats on your commitment! How does it feel knowing that you are going to have a chance to play college baseball?

Adam Wilmore: I’m just really excited to have the chance to compete at a higher level and for four more years.

R: When did you make the decision that you wanted to play college baseball? What motivated you?

AW: I think I’ve always wanted to play college baseball since I was in elementary school. What really helped me get as far as I am though is just the people who pushed me and who I always looked up to. If it wasn’t for my friends who helped me find stuff to push me and my parents to believe in me enough and support me and my training, I wouldn’t have ever been able to get as far as I have.

R: What specifically have you done throughout high school that put you on the path to playing in college? What were your biggest priorities?

AW: The biggest thing that has helped me through out the years is the off-season work at the facility with lifting, throwing and hitting. My biggest priority was always school and then finding time to get my homework done while also getting in the gym.

Adam pushing a BUNCH of weight at 6:30 in the morning

R: Tell us about the recruiting process. Where and when did Doane first see you play or see your skills?

AW: My recruiting process was a little harder with COVID-19 and coaches not being able to come and watch games, but I was lucky enough to have some recruiting websites that helped Doane find me. I used my FieldLevel and SportsRecruits profiles and reached out to coaches through there, and shared video and my academic and and athletic information.

R: What did they like about you as a player, and how do they see you fitting into their program?

AW: They liked my size the most, because I had the ability to hit the ball out of the ball park. I haven’t completely figured out where I’ll fit in, but it’s either as a power hitting first baseman or a big guy on the mound. Or both.

R: What attracted you to Doane and their baseball program?

AW: What I really liked about the school’s program was that it wasn’t much different from the Rogue training I’m used to and also the fact that they had a domed indoor facility at the field.

R: How long before they offered you, and how long until you committed? Were you talking to other schools as well when you decided to commit?

AW: It took awhile before I got an offer due to the fact that I had to turn all my academic stuff in first. After I got my offer it took me about a week and a half before I decided to commit. I was talking to two other schools when I decided to commit so I had to let those coaches know about my decision.

Adam smashing a ball in the gap this fall

R: Now that you are committed, what are your biggest priorities between now and when you head to campus?

AW: My priorities haven’t changed since committing. My priority is still just getting ready for the spring season so I can have a dominant senior year.

R: What is your advice to younger players with college baseball aspirations?

AW: I would recommend to younger guys is that even when times are rough just keep getting your work in and keep your head up cause if you work hard enough a college will find you. The biggest recommendation is to make sure you find people and a program that puts your success above anything else and want to see you succeed. 

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