Colorado Rogue Baseball Club – Next Era PT Screenings

Next Era PT Assessments

Colorado Rogue is proud to partner with Next Era Physical Therapy, and will be facilitating an initial assessment for players who commit for Summer ’23.

The Next ERA Elite Baseball Care Assessment is designed to help determine a plan of care that can address recovery, performance deficits, and rehabilitation from injury. This assessment will be communicated with the proper medical staff to help with appropriate program design, workload management, and individual goals. If necessary, a full medical screening can be addressed with an initial evaluation and treatment. The Next Era staff will be reaching out directly if a treatment package would be beneficial.

All covered information will be shared with the coaching staff to help facilitate appropriate programming…including on-field prep work and post-game recovery.  Athletes who fail multiple portions of the exam or have pain with testing will be notified via telephone or email to schedule an appointment at one of our locations.

Next ERA is the premier leader in the management of high-level athletes with a focus on optimal performance, recovery, and rehab. With locations in Arizona and Colorado, we have worked with a large variety of professional athletes, over 100 D1 programs, and thousands of college, high school, and youth athletes.