Colorado Rogue Baseball Club – Roster Creation

How Rogue Builds It’s Rosters

With our summer tryouts completed each year in late October, and the summer season not slated to start until June, seven full months exist between those two dates.  The growth and development of high school aged athletes is often enormous in that amount of time, so building specific rosters with that sort of gap doesn’t make sense in the eyes of our coaching staff.  This is especially true for us, because of how much we value and invest into player development in the offseason. Read on for more information on this approach. 

  • We feel justified in waiting to build rosters because every player in our summer program is provided with high-level development from coaches that are dedicated to instruction in their specific areas of the game.  All hitters work closely with all of our hitting coaches, all pitchers with all of our pitching coaches etc. Never will a player get “pawned off” onto coaches who are fillers and won’t make them better. Like any good organization, we have high expectations and hold our coaches to those expectations at all levels and in all areas.  While we are by no means perfect, this will always be a priority and we will continue to work hard to develop these systems, so that all of our players benefit from their experience in our program.
  • We realize that committing without knowing exactly what team you are on may create some uncertainty, however we are looking for players who are willing to put in the work during the offseason, and that will trust in our coaching staff to properly place them at the right level come this spring’s roster placement workout.
  • The acceptance of this invitation guarantees you a spot in our program for next summer, however there is always interest from additional players throughout the winter, and we anticipate the same thing this year.  We will invite those players to fill available slots as they come to us, so while there is no hard deadline to commit, we will work to build our program as soon as possible and program spots may fill up quickly
  • We also understand that there is a significant amount of planning that goes into the summer, both from your end and from ours, so we will work to release rosters and specific schedules immediately after we hold our placement workout in late February.