Amateur baseball seems to have two camps, one which emphasizes playing as many games as possible in the course of a calendar year, and the other which often encourages players to forgo summer and fall games all together in favor of an in-gym or training only environment.  While ultimately the correct course of action depends on the individual player’s preferences and needs, it is our coaching staff’s collective opinion that playing the game is a huge part of the development process for the majority of high school players and should be a part of the player’s calendar in the summer and the fall.  In the same breath, it is critical that players also have a structured environment that allows for players to work on their game. It is with this in mind that Colorado Rogue Baseball Club works relentlessly to strike the balance between playing the game, and developing with training and deliberate practice, something that sets us apart in our region.

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More About Colorado Rogue Baseball

Our program revolves around a few key focuses, all of which we piece together to create a complete player development program, as well as give our players opportunities to gain exposure in front of college coaches.  

Individual Player Assessments and Development Plans

In order to understand each individual player and their needs, we assess each player at the beginning of each season in order to guide their development throughout, and then again at the end to gauge their improvement.  In addition, we create and communicate player development plans for each player, holding our coaching staff accountable for development and helping players to understand where they stand.  

Deliberate Practice

During a typical week, players will spend one day doing small group work in each facet of the game with members of our coaching staff who have built a core development program.  For example, all hitters throughout each level of the program will work with our hitting coordinator, but each player’s focuses, drills and cues will be tailored to his needs based off his initial assessment and in-game performance.  In addition to small group skill development, each team practices as a whole, working on team concepts and simulating live action in a structured setting.

Strength and Speed Training

Colorado Rogue partners with Push Performance to provide players with an environment that not only allows them to build baseball skills, but also builds them into better athletes, an essential piece of high level performance.  Push performs an initial assessment on each player, targeting necessary areas of improvement in strength, mobility, stability and speed. It is with these things in mind that each player’s program is individually built and executed throughout the season, with lifts being done in a small group or team setting.

Competitive Game Schedule

With practice and training as our focus early in the week, each of our teams play level appropriate tournaments on the weekends in order to take their practice work into game situations. While each level varies, our teams play a mix of in-state and out of state tournaments, providing players with valuable experiences on and off the field.  While competing is the main focus on the weekends, our staff still works relentlessly to help players learn and grow in their knowledge and execution of the game as well as working through foundational and individualized drills prior to games.

College Exposure Opportunities and Recruiting

For players on our varsity team, the goal of playing at the next level is almost always present, and is an important aspect in the summer and fall.  Our varsity schedule provides our players with opportunities to compete in front of college coaches during in-state and out of state tournaments, and our staff helps to facilitate player contact with college coaches through a number of different platforms.  The recruiting process is different for each player, and we work individually with each to help navigate it.