Our office area is where the day starts at Rogue, with players storing their belongings and preparing, while coaches work to plan training sessions.   Throughout the course of our sessions, we use this area to do video analysis on iPad, break down relevant data on the computer, or hold small group discussions with our athletes.  During the baseball season, there is almost always an MLB game on the large TV, while the small TV mounted near the hitting cage displays batted ball or swing metrics from Rapsodo and Blast Motion so hitters can get immediate feedback.  The office area also features our leaderboards where our top hitters and pitchers metrics are displayed, fostering an important sense of competition at all times. In addition, we have some storage space, storing training tools and some of our in stock apparel for players and parents to purchase.  The constant presence of coaches and athletes in this area fosters a great learning and teaching environment, and is a great place for guys to spend their down time.

The drill area is where players spend a lot of their time, and is extremely important to the training process for both hitters and throwers.  Our baseball specific warmup routine is displayed for our athletes to reference as they begin their sessions, a critical piece of maximizing the training that we offer.  In this area, hitters work through upper and lower half mirror work, utilize the PC360 for assisted and resisted feels, and use the heavy bag for various drills. Throwers utilize this area to do pre and post throwing band and recovery work, and spend a lot of time in the plyo wall working through arm patterning protocols.  Training implements, weighted balls, bats and other necessary equipment are kept in this area, and is always easily accessible for players and instructors.

Our cage area is where the full length drills and live work happen, making it the focal point of the facility .  The full shell is 70 feet long, 30 feet wide and 16 feet high and features a sliding divider, allowing the space to be divided fully down the middle, as well as into a number of other layouts depending on need.  The size is excellent for simulating game conditions, allowing players to see maximum ball flight, pitchers to throw full length bullpens, defensive players to work in a spacious area, and everybody to participate in live at bats which has become a facility favorite.  The ability to have pitchers throw to hitters takes our offseason training to the next level, better preparing hitters for their seasons despite often being relegated inside. The cage area features two mounds, an Atec pitching machine, an 8’ x 8’ double sided mobile wall, two L Screens, a square screen, a pitcher’s target, and our guy Raul the stand in hitter.  These paired with our other technology provides dedicated players with an intimate and intense training environment, designed to challenge them and in turn, enhance their baseball skills.