Free Tutoring Available

We know your routines have suddenly changed and may take some getting used to, but your responsibilities as a student and as a baseball player have not. During this time of dealing with circumstances beyond our control, staying on task with your school work in an online learning environment is something you can control – and is now something that is expected of you. One of our Rogue parent alums and great friend of our program Kit Balasopoulov, has offered academic support to any of our Rogue guys who need it. She can work with you over FaceTime, phone calls or text messages. Kit has been around baseball for a long time and she is a strong supporter Rogue Baseball and our mission to develop our young men holistically.  Her son Stilian is one of our original trainees and team players, and her daughter Sofia is our resident softball player. Kit is offering her help free of charge because she knows every success you have off the field translates into greater opportunities for success on the field. We want to strongly encourage each of you to take advantage of this opportunity if there is the slightest chance it would be helpful. 

Kit Balasopoulov

A quick message from Kit on her background in academics..

“I graduated from LSU with a BS in Mathematics. I’ve worked as a private tutor since 2012 with a primary focus in math and science. My students range in age from middle school to college. I worked in Douglas County School District from 2014-2018 and while this was an amazing experience that I truly loved, it helped to confirm that my deep passion for learning coupled with my ability to quickly adjust my teaching style is very well suited for individuals and small groups. My personal approach to tutoring is this: anyone who has the courage to ask for academic help should be met by one who is grateful, humbled and excited for the opportunity to help. If asked, I will help as much as I am able. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-off question or more regular support – you just need to ask.”

If this is something that will help as you conclude the academic year, please reach out to Kit with a phone call or a text message at (303) 807-4561

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