In-Season Throwing Protocols

The high school baseball season is here but that does not mean that player development stops. We want to give our players full time access to the gym, coaching and training tools while they play at their respective schools. Even though the players will be doing a majority of their throwing at practice and games, we still encourage them to come in for recovery and arm care protocols they may not have access to at school. 

TRAQ Programming and Motus Data Monitoring

We will still monitor Motus sleeve data to help each player stay on track with their throwing schedules and make sure that their throwing volume is appropriate. This is extremely important to underclassmen. Usually these players do not have as much structure to their Spring schedule as the varsity team and we can help with that. We will still be programming with TRAQ software for each player. Knowing that school practice/games comes first, we will not be stepping on other coaches toes just working with the individual athlete’s schedule to provide more structure all spring long. It will be beneficial for the players to understand proper throwing regimens throughout the Spring and be able to advocate for themselves when throwing at practice. 

Game Footage Evaluation and Targeted Drill Work

Game time is the best opportunity to learn what is actually happening in the delivery. We strongly encourage players to bring in game footage for analysis and discussion. We will break down flaws and pinpoint strengths. Drill work can still be done to help players feel movements without throwing a ton. We will incorporate dry work, (no baseball) medicine ball throws, mirror work, and anything that will drive home a concept but keep their arms feeling strong all season long. All videos will be added to their folders to reference and learn from in the future as well.

Mental Game and Pitching Strategy

Spring is where the mental side of baseball plays the biggest role. We will hold mental training throughout the Spring. Whether it is one-on-one with a player about a specific game or group discussions on techniques and experiences. Failure is the hardest obstacle to overcome during the season so we want our coaches available to talk through those hard times. We want to teach our guys mental strategies and techniques just like we have been training the physical side of the game all Winter. We will go over release/refocus, pitch calling, pitch sequencing, presence on the mound, dealing with failure, body language etc… All of which are extremely important for playing high level baseball. 

Throughout the entire Winter we have made huge gains and we would like to see that continue on the field and be there for our guys all season as a resource. Developing those relationships is what really helps ignite learning and development. We are excited to keep working and see some great performances on the field this Spring.

Dillon Moritz
Pitching Coordinator
Rogue Baseball Performance