Introducing Next Era Physical Therapy

Rogue Baseball is excited to announce the transition of our team Doctor of Physical Therapy to his new location at 3989 E Arapahoe Rd, Ste 216, Centennial, CO 80122 (approximately 5 minutes from Rogue Baseball Performance). In order to expand upon the baseball population, Dr. Nick Thurlow founded Next ERA Physical Therapy and will be offering Elite Baseball Care Packages exclusive for Rogue players and families. These packages are designed to identify poor movement patterns, mobility and stability issues, and include orthopedic testing for baseball specific injuries. Dr. Thurlow is highly skilled in the latest baseball performance techniques in order to help you maximize your performance and reduce your risk of injury. He’s worked with a multitude of baseball players, ranging from youth, to high school, to collegiate, to professional players. 

The Next ERA Physical Therapy program will help you:

  • Identify Mechanical Imbalances using the Next ERA Elite Baseball Assessment.
  • Enhance Skill and Performance
  • Maximize Velocity
  • Develop a warm-up and cool-down. 
  • Reduce Injury Occurrence
  • Return from Injury or Surgery

For specific details regarding pricing and scheduling, contact him at (720) 644-0181 or by email at

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