January Player of the Month – Gabe Lorenz

Bats: Right           Throws: Right          Positions:  2B, P, OF 

Grade: 8          School:  Sky View Academy    

Grad Year: 2021         GPA: 3.85

Gabe Lorenz is very deserving of this first player of the month award of 2017, as he truly embodies what it means to be a player who trains at Rogue Baseball.  Gabe has been training with us almost since the beginning, where it has been evident that he values continuing to get better in all aspects of the game.  From the beginning, Gabe has worked diligently at both his hitting and his defensive skills, as well as his throwing in more recent months.  He is a participant in our winter training programs, where he committed to 80 sessions of hitting and throwing and has not missed a single workout to date.  Although he is one of the younger guys in the program, Gabe is an example to his training partners with his ability to be coachable and make adjustments from day to day, drill to drill and rep to rep.  Gabe always shows up to the facility early, observing and learning from whatever is going on when he arrives, and using that information to help enhance his own game.  He has one of the most efficient throwing patterns in the group, as well as one of the best swings.  Aside from his physical skills as a player, Gabe’s mental makeup may be his best asset.  Gabe recently led a couple of program newcomers through our active warmup, taking the initiative himself and teaching the routine to perfection.  In addition, Gabe’s response to adversity truly sets him apart from his peers.  Whether he’s having good day or a bad day, you wouldn’t know by looking at him as he works.  This trait alone is going to take Gabe a long way in this game and serve him well throughout his life.  We are very proud to have Gabe as a Rogue trainee, so learn a little more about him below.

Why do you play Baseball?

I play baseball because it allows me to be free and have fun without anything bothering me

What do you like about training at Rogue?

I like training at Rogue Baseball Performance because the coaching is amazing and I really get to learn the fundamental stuff about baseball to help me in the future. 

What are your goals for your future as a player?

My goals for my future in baseball is to play at a higher level, to have a good batting average and to get most of my outs.

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