March Player of the Month – Stilian Balasopoulov

Bats: Right           Throws: Left          Positions:  P, 1B, OF 

School:  Eaglecrest High School (Baseball) – Colorado Early Colleges Parker (Academics)

Grade: 11         Grad Year: 2018         GPA: 4.8

Yes you read that correctly, the dude has a 4.8 GPA.  This intelligence doesn’t just end in the classroom, and extends to his training and ultimately to the field.  Stilian is one of Rogue’s most dedicated players, consistently spending time with both Ryan on the hitting side, and with Dillon doing pitching work.  However, this is not a new habit for Stilly, as he has been deliberately working to improve his game since he was 10 years old, working with Ryan all the way back in his first year of private instruction in 2011.  During the thousands of hours Stilian has put in, the intelligence and thoughtfulness shines through, allowing him to deliberately focus on the task at hand and think through the pieces himself rather than just nod his head and follow instructions.  Sessions with Stilian are the ideal of how we see instruction working best, an informed conversation between player and coach.  His ability to know what should be happening in his swing or delivery, and then focus on specific feels and thought processes that get him closer to those movements is what has allowed him to make huge strides in both areas.  This deliberate practice has paid off for him this spring, as Stilian is one of Eaglecrest’s best players. Through 7 games, Stilly is hitting .412 with 5 doubles and 11 RBI, the latter of which notches him at 3rd in the very strong 5A Centennial League and top 25 in Colorado.  This summer will be his third season with the Colorado Rogue Baseball Club, where he will again hold down 1st base, mix in the outfield and play a more prominent role on the mound.  Rogue Baseball is lucky to have Stilian, learn a little more about him here.

Why do you play Baseball?

I play baseball because I sincerely love the game.  Nit much else brings me the high points in my life as consistently as this game does.  It’s something I committed to when I was young and still happily commit to now.

What do you like about training at Rogue?

Well, the coaches are great and really know what they are talking about, and it gives me confidence to know that when I go in for a session or practice, the coaches are as devoted as I am to improving my game.  It’s great having backup when getting better.

What are your goals for your future as a player?

I want to play the game as long as I possibly can.  While for the short term I want to continue to make a name for myself on the V-squad.  Getting looks from colleges has to be my next step.

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