Rogue Baseball will Reopen Saturday, May 9th

Due to the extension of Arapahoe County’s stay at home order, we will be planning on reopening on Saturday, May 9th, as our business classifies as a “Personal Service” business.  Per the Governor’s “Safer At Home” guidelines, gatherings of 10 or more people are still restricted, so we will be using that number as a guideline for how to safely operate, while still creating as many opportunities as possible for our athletes to get back into training.  Below are the guidelines for training in our facility, as well as steps we will be taking to ensure the safety of everybody in the gym, as well as their loved ones at home.
Rogue Baseball Operations Procedures

We will be open for individual instruction and small group training only, with groups limited to 3 players and one coach per cage.  Our two cages will allow for a max of 8 people in our section of the facility at any given time.  Parents will not be permitted in the facility at this time.Players who have a training time scheduled will enter through the back door of the building, at their scheduled time.
Players and coaches will not be permitted to arrive early and congregate in the facility, only scheduled players and coaches will be present.  Players will be asked not to move throughout the facility, as HiPro and Push will be using similar guidelines to limit the number of athletes in their space.

Players will be asked to bring as little equipment as possible into the facility, meaning no bags. Hitters will be asked to bring their own helmet if they have it, their bat and their batting gloves. Throwers and defensive players will only need their glove.  Cell phones and car keys are okay.

Upon entering the building, players will be asked to immediately go to the bathroom and wash their hands and Rogue coaches will make sure that players are following social distancing guidelines throughout their sessions.  Sessions will be organized so that players are able to keep a safe distance.  Masks or face coverings are welcome if desired.
Safety & Cleaning Procedures

– The facility turf will be vacuumed and disinfected on a daily basis, and frequently touched spots on our nets will be sprayed with disinfectant as well.  
– Shared surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes after each session by our coaching staff, as will shared equipment such as weighted bats, bat sensors, bands, helmets.
– Coaches will wash their hands at the beginning of each session.
-Any sick coaches or athletes need to STAY HOME
Training Programs

Upon reopening, we will offer a variety of training options for players at all levels. Programs offered as we open through the month of May are…

– College/Pro Hitting & Throwing
– High School Group Hitting and Throwing
– High School Group Infield Defense
– Individual Sessions in all areas

Scheduling Training

The shutdown allowed us time to update some of our systems, including a brand new version of our website, built by our good friend and professional pitching trainee, Mitch Horacek!  While we are still putting on some of the finishing touches, we have completed the upgrade of our scheduling software to allow for much easier use for both you as athletes and parents, as well for us as a coaching staff.  With Monday as a starting point, we ask that all purchasing and scheduling of training at our facility be done through our website.  

Players and parents will be able to purchase training programs and individual sessions, as well as see all available sessions and book them on the site.  For our group trainees, this will eliminate the need for multiple Google spreadsheets and create a centralized location for all of the programs that we offer at Rogue.
The site will require that you pay for training prior to scheduling your sessions, helping us to focus more on getting our guys in and working, and less on worrying about logistics while at the facility.  Creating an account will allow the site to keep track of the number of training sessions you have remaining, always keeping you up to date.  Players who have not scheduled through the website will not be permitted to train.

Note: Anybody with individual lesson packs with sessions still remaining, please contact with your name, and the number of sessions you have remaining.  We will cross-reference that with our records and create your account for you with your remaining lessons included.
Coupon Codes

We work to take care of our players who train in the weight room with our partners at Push Performance, players who are part of our high school program at Colorado Rogue Baseball Club, and our youth team players who train with us at the facility.  Our new scheduling software makes coupon codes very easy, so we would like to share those with everybody.  The use of these codes is on the honor system, so please only use codes that apply to you.  We are easily able to track these codes and will request difference if misused.

2020 Colorado Rogue Baseball Club Players – COROGUE2020 – 20% off all monthly programs and individual packages

Athletes Currently Training with Push Performance – PUSH2020 – 20% off off all monthly programs and individual packages

2020 Colorado Rogue Baseball Club Players, Currently Training with Push – COROGUEPUSH2020 – 30% off off all monthly programs and individual packages
If you have any questions, please direct them to and we will get them answered as soon as possible.  Looking forward to getting back to some baseball, continue to stay safe and healthy!