Training Programs

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions allow for in depth and personalized instruction from Rogue coaches and are a great way for high level players to continue to fine tune their game, as well as for young players to learn fundamental principles, movements, and approaches.  Players are assessed with skill and level appropriate tools and technologies on a consistent basis in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and allow our coaches to build session plans using objective data as a guide. Player feedback and video from in game performance is also valuable to help address issues and continue to work in areas of need.  Rogue coaches work individually with hitters, pitchers, infielders and catchers and session packages can be used with multiple instructors and in multiple areas.

High School Group Training

Arm health and performance is a constant process, and our Year Round Throwing Program is built to facilitate that process for each individual player, throughout all seasons.   Building and maintaining a healthy arm, developing proper mechanics, increasing velocity, and monitoring workload are critical for high level pitchers and defensive throwers, all of which are coached and monitored by our expert coaches. Players receive individual programming each day through TRAQ software, providing them with a road map for their throwing and recovery needs and tweaked based on their on field activities.  Pitchers work through various phases including buildup, velocity development, and pitch design bullpens with Rapsodo during the offseason, as well as analyzing game performance, working through mental game strategies, and developing consistent routines in season. Workloads are monitored with Motus technology and slow motion video and objective data are standard in order to ensure progress is being made.  Click the link above for a more detailed look into the throwing program.

College & Pro Training

College and Pro Training

Our facility and coaching staff provide resources for college and pro players who need both a place to train, and guidance in their training.  Whether you have a prescribed program from your school or organization and you just need a facility in which to work through it, or you are looking for a custom built program in order to continue in your development, we are able to meet the needs of players playing at the highest levels of the game.  

Youth Team Training

Youth Team Training

Providing a quality training environment for youth teams to prepare for their seasons, and to practice in season is an important part of what we do.  Our coaching staff collaborates with youth coaches in order to create a team training environment customized to their needs. Teams have access to Rogue’s tools and technology, and Rogue coaches provide their knowledge and insight into how to best utilize the space and the tools to foster player development at the youth level.  Teams can choose to simply rent the facility for their practices, or can have our expert coaching staff present to help guide their training, but organization and participation from the youth coaches is crucial and expected. We are here to provide our knowledge, but youth coaches are the ones that have the greatest influence on their young players!  Together we can provide them with the tools to succeed now and in the future.